Turner Moore

Turner Moore

Arun Kumar, CPA, CGA

It’s hard to be a world history and politics enthusiast without having an interest in economics and finance, so I spend equal time reading and learning about both.

I started my North American public accounting career journey as a transplant from India to New York City in early 2005 to 2008, when I also became licensed to practice in the state of Michigan and worked as a senior accountant at a tier-one (PCOAB registered) firm in New York City, providing assurance services to a range of public companies. And, although the world is vast, I’ve deliberately chosen to live and practice in Southern and Eastern Ontario as a proud Turner Moore LLP partner.

After moving to Canada, I also served as a US tax consultant to an international law firm in downtown Toronto in 2009. I started my practice in Toronto in 2010; I live in Toronto with my family and settled in Scarborough, where I serve local individuals and businesses with their tax and financial management. I took over a second office in Kingston, Ontario in 2022. I serve my clients from both locations. My clients are small to medium size businesses engaged in transport & logistics, physicians, dentists, dollar stores, restaurants, real estate brokers, builders, cleaning services, technology companies, gas stations, liquor stores, retail stores and other types of businesses. I represent my clients with the Canada Revenue Agency, and US Internal Revenue Service (IRS, USA) and all 50 US states for audits and provide cross-border tax advisory services to Individuals and businesses for Canadian and US nationals.

My wife, Monika Goyal, a fellow CPA from New York State, manages our US and cross-border tax clients with me.

I enjoy watching movies, basketball and playing cricket with my children in my leisure time.

I would be pleased to connect with you if you live or operate a business in the GTA, Greater Kingston Area, or anywhere in Ontario.